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About Rose Entertainment
Rose Entertainment was founded in 2012 in Eugene, Oregon, driven by a passion for spreading electronic music, and fostering community. By 2024, Rose Entertainment has broadened its reach across the Pacific Northwest, staging music events in Portland, Seattle, Boise, and has plans to expand to San Francisco and Spokane. Our family comprises a dedicated team of music fiends committed to pioneering cutting-edge music and creating unique events. Rose Entertainment specializes in crafting immersive experiences with top level production. With a tight network of team members and partners throughout the PNW, Rose Entertainment strives to be a leader in the dance community, consistently delivering distinctive and impactful events that deeply resonate with our devoted fanbase, as well as raising funds for Non-Profits in the community.  

Be A Partner

Working with Rose Entertainment offers unparalleled opportunities in the music event industry. With hundreds of sold-out shows across the Pacific Northwest, Rose has established itself as a trusted partner for booking and marketing music events. The in-house team of marketing and booking professionals boasts over two decades of industry experience. They have orchestrated memorable events at prestigious venues such as The Crystal Ballroom, The North Warehouse, Treefort Music Hall, and the Roseland Theatre, among others. 


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